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Why a Local HD Antenna is the best value for TV Watching!

A local HD Antenna is one of the most important tools you can have in your TV viewing arsenal. In this article we will go over why HD antennas are so valuable and hands down the best value in TV viewing!!!


For sometime now the four major networks have been legally obligated to broadcast their channels over the air. Yes, you read that correctly! ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC are legally obligated to broadcast their signal for free over the air. That means that if you live close enough to a broadcast tower and have one of our Mohu 50 or 65 Mile antennas you should be able to pick up these channels absolutely free in HD? Yes HD!

94 out of 100?

94 out of the most popular 100 shows in the United States are broadcast over the air for free! That is a very powerful statistic for sure. That pretty much means that there is a 94% chance that your favorite show is being broadcast for free in HD and it is flying right past you if you do not have an HD antenna!

How do they work?

So now that we have your interest peaked about HD antennas, we will explain how they work and then move onto even more awesome features of a Local HD Antenna.

A Local HD antenna is exactly what the name says. It is an antenna that has the ability to receive HD TV broadcast signals in your local area. There are many different versions and styles, but we have found that the flat paper thin models are the most popular.

These paper thin antennas can be hung in a window or attached to the wall. They can really be placed anywhere, but the window or wall are the most popular locations.

MOHU TV Antenna

Once you have found a good mounting location, the next step is to connect the antenna to your TV and a power source. The antenna has a cable that has a metal coax connector at the end of it. On our Mohu antennas this is connected to an amplifier. The amplifier has a coax connection that screws into the coax port of your TV.  The last step in physically setting up the antenna is to connect the amplifier to a power source. The Mohu model amplifiers that we sell can be connected to the USB port on the back of your TV for a clean install or can be plugged into a standard power plug with an included adapter. The installation normally takes less than 5 minutes. We will go over channels a little further down in the article.

What else can a Local HD Antenna do?

Local News

The four main networks (ABC,CBS, FOX and NBC) are also the main providers of local news. So on top of getting all of the great programming you get from these four channels, you also get your favorite local news channels for free in HD! Did we mention they were in HD :)

Local Sports

Your local networks show tons of local sports. From the NFL, to the NBA and MLB tons of live local sports are shown on the channels you get on your local HD antenna. What more can you ask for? Free live local sports in HD for free!

Sub Channels

If any of you remember or have an HD radio in your car or house then you will be familiar with sub channels. A sub channel is an additional channel that a network broadcasts for free.

For instance if the local FOX station is channel 2-1 in your area, you will most likely have a 2-2 and 2-3 FOX channel as well. While the content on these channels varies from classic movies to international programs the bottom line is you are getting more content for free.

Do I just get ABC,CBS, FOX and NBC for free?

We are glad you asked :) While we can't tell you exactly what channels you will receive in your area, there is a good chance that you will get a many other great stations. PBS and The CW are a few of these channels.

Each market is different but some of the other types of channels you may expect to get while using your Local HD Antenna are spanish channels, movie channels, religious channels, shopping channels and educational channels.

In our area we get an average of 65 channels, but each area is different.

Channel Coverage in your area

The ONLY reason that you should not buy a Local HD Antenna is if you live in an area that is far away from many broadcast towers. Unfortunately not every area has an abundance of broadcast towers near them and they may not get many channels. Other factors in not getting a lot of channels is topography (Hills, Mountains, Valleys), trees, building material of your house (Metal) and weather (Rain). These can all affect how many channels you get and if they come in perfectly. There will be a link to see what channels you can expect to get at the bottom of the article.

Here is a picture that shows some of the channels that are in our area. Not a bad channel selection from something that is a one time fee and free forever!

Local Live TV Stations


As some of you know we recently partnered with Mohu Antennas and began selling two of their most popular models. We chose to partner with Mohu for a few reasons. The first being that they are made in the United States and we love supporting hard working Americans. The second is that we tested them against many other antennas and the Mohu pulled more channels in almost every scenario. The third is that they stand behind their products and offer a solid warranty and great customer service.

4K Ready and Capable

Most antennas will be able to pull in HD signals and display them properly. But one thing that differentiates lower and higher quality antennas is 4K. Only certain Local HD Antennas are 4K ready. What this means is that when you choose a lower quality antenna and all of the over the air channels begin to broadcast in 4K, you will need to purchase another antenna. Why not spend a few extra bucks on a quality antenna knowing that it will be future proof. While there is no set date for 4K broadcasts over the air, it is coming and is just a matter of time. We can't wait!

If you want to watch ABC,CBS, FOX and NBC, Local News, Live Sports and tons of other great channels CLICK HERE and order yourself a high quality Mohu Local HD Antenna! We also offer both models of the Mohu Antennas in our Cord Cutting Package!

CLICK HERE to see what channels you should expect to get at your house and which model is right for you.