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Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide

Enter the correct name for your wireless network

Selecting the wrong wireless network name will cause your wireless network connection to fail. If you are not certain that your SkyStream device is connected to the correct network Read Below.

When connecting your SkyStream device to your home wireless network, you will need to select the name of the wireless network. The SkyStream device scans all available networks and presents a list that is ordered by the strength of the wireless signal.

The wireless network name, sometimes called the SSID, is either the default name that was set by your ISP or router manufacturer, or the name you chose when you set up your wireless network.

How to find your wireless network name

  • Check to see which network your computer or mobile device is connected to. The SkyStream device will connect to the same network.
  • If you cannot remember the name of your wireless network, go to the support sites for your internet service provider or router manufacturer. Also, sometimes the default name is listed on the bottom of the router. 

 How to get your wireless password

  • Enter the same wireless password that you use to connect your computer or mobile device to your home network.
  • If you have forgotten the password, go the support sites for your internet service provider or router manufacturer. They will be able to suggest the specific methods for their products to recover the password or reset it. Sometimes the default password is listed on the bottom of the router.

Tips for entering passwords

  • Passwords are case sensitive – Click the  on the on-screen keyboard to enter a capital letter.
  • You must enter the password exactly as it was set. This includes and Capital letters Symbols or Numbers.

Enter the password correctly

If you believe you know your wireless password, but it is not working, try re-entering it. It is easy to make a mistake entering your password, and remember that network passwords are case sensitive.

  1. Check to see that your router is working properly.Using your computer or mobile device, connect to your home network and try accessing the internet by launching a public website like If you can connect to the internet from another device, your router is successfully providing internet access and you can move to the next step. If you are unable to connect to the internet, try restarting your router (Tips below) before contacting your ISP.
  2. Improve the wireless signal strength. If your password is correct and other devices can access the router, but your SkyStream device is still failing to connect to your wireless network, the most likely problem is the strength of the wireless signal. The wireless signal gets weaker the farther your SkyStream device is from your router, and with more obstacles (like walls and cabinets) between your router and your SkyStream device.
  • If you can move them closer, the signal will get stronger.
  • If you can move them so there are fewer objects and walls between them, the signal will get stronger
  • Perhaps you can try moving the Skystream device closer temporarily, so as to verify that the signal strength is the problem.
  • Try re-orienting the router’s antennas
  • Try moving either your router or the Skystream device. Sometimes just a few inches or feet can make a difference.
  • Try moving your router and Skystream device higher up.
  • If your router or the Skystream device is in a cabinet, take it out.
  • If the TV is between the Skystream device and the router, try moving the Skystream device so that the TV is not blocking the wireless signal.

 If the wireless signal is still not strong enough, here are additional options:

  • Purchase a new wireless router that provides a stronger signal, or has more reliable software. Routers do vary considerably in their quality – so read the online reviews.
  • There are more advanced home network options, such as range extenders, “mesh network” routers, or powerline extenders (Sold at which can increase wireless coverage within your house.
  • Is Ethernet an option? The Skystream THREE & THREE PLUS has an Ethernet port on the back of the device. A hardwired connection will almost always provide faster more reliable internet speeds. Or Ethernet might be a temporary solution to verify that the wireless connection is your real problem.
  • Move the Skystream THREE & THREE PLUS to a different TV that is closer to your wireless router
  1. Restart your SkyStream device and your router
    • Unplug the SkyStream device from the power source, wait a few moments, and then plug it back in.
    • To restart your router, check the instructions from your ISP or router vendor. In some cases, you can simply unplug it and plug it back in, and in other cases it may require pressing a reset button on the device.
Note: It will take a few minutes before both devices have restarted.