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2018 World Series Major League Baseball - How to watch without Cable!


How to Watch the 2018 World Series without a Cable Subscription!
How to Watch the 2018 World Series without a Cable Subscription

Using a Local HD Antenna to stream the 2018 World Series MLB

If you are new to our blog, Cord Cutting or Streaming we would urge you to read about why a Local HD Antenna is the best value in TV watching!

The 2018 World Series will be aired exclusively on the Fox Network, which just so happens to be one of Major networks that broadcast in crystal clear HD to HD Antenna users each and every day for free.

If you are just looking to watch the World Series, or want to watch all of the other major networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, The CW and many others in crystal clear HD we would highly suggest picking up one of our high quality, made in America HD Antennas! To see what Free HD Channels you may receive in your area please CLICK HERE!

If you already have a local HD Antenna and have done a channel scan on your TV, you are ahead of the curve. Simply turn on your TV and turn to your local FOX station. Sit back and enjoy watching Baseball's superstars play on the games largest stage!

How to Stream the 2018 World Series

Things a tiny bit less easy if you do not have an HD Antenna. While Fox sends a crystal clear HD signal for anyone to watch with an antenna, they do not simply allow you to log onto their website or install their app and stream the World Series.

Unfortunately to use the Fox Sports app you need to enter your cable provider accounts login information. Being that you do not have a cable subscription anymore, you obviously do not have anything to enter. But there are some other ways to watch the World Series without a cable subscription.

 How to watch the 2018 MLB World Series with a Streaming Service

While there are a few different services that offer Fox and Fox Sports, our two favorites are FuboTV and Sling.

FuboTV is a streaming service that is geared toward the avid sports fan, but also has many other general channels for the rest of the family. If you are a huge sports fan and are looking for lots of sports channels we would highly reccomend checking out FuboTV!

If you looking for a more generalized channel lineup we would reccomend checking out Sling TV. Sling offers a good selection of channels at a good price.

One thing you definitely need to do if you are strictly trying to stream the 2018 World Series with any streaming service, is to make sure that Fox is offered in the package for YOUR AREA. It is archaic, but FOX is not available on certain streaming services in certain areas. So double check and make sure that the FOX channel is explicitly offered in your area.

They will blast a full HD signal of the FOX station to an HD Antenna for free, but still block the channel in certain areas for paying customers. Doesn't make sense to us, but we will go with the free option all day long!

We hope this article was helpful for showing you the best way to watch the 2018 World Series without a cable subscription.